Robert Self-Care Self Assessment

Our Agents for Change participants have been focused on getting in touch with their Zones of Regulation and exploring emotional regulation tools during each session they attend. Students developed a series of selfies for each zone, which demonstrates how their body language and facial features can express a range of emotions. By exploring nuanced facial expressions, body language hints and conversation starters, our Agents for Change students have a better understanding of when and how to engage with others – based on social emotional cues. Moving from theory to practice, we are using socially distant games, personal interactions, and digital games such as Kahoots to get a solid understanding of the Zones, which supports self-regulation, positive feedback, and relationship development using a color-coded system. This module was also a reflective one, where we took time to honour our fallen heroes on Remembrance Day. We carved out time to practice mindfulness, connecting with our thoughts, feelings, and everyday activities to look at ourselves, through our own camera lens, and become more self-aware of our emotional state and what we are grateful for each day.

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