Social Navigators – Social Thinking™ Strategy

During weekly Social Navigator meetings, our facilitators have been impressed to see the social and personal growth demonstrated by the teen participants. We are seeing friendships forming, the Aha moments happen and social thinking questions firing! This group is inquisitive, open-minded, and willing to practice the skills we are learning in the group sessions. Participants

Agents for Change – Zones of Regulation

Our Agents for Change participants have been focused on getting in touch with their Zones of Regulation and exploring emotional regulation tools during each session they attend. Students developed a series of selfies for each zone, which demonstrates how their body language and facial features can express a range of emotions. By exploring nuanced facial

Social Navigators – Social Expectations in a Social World

Our Social Navigators, a teen group of Social Quest Seekers have improved their understanding of social expectations and are learning how to positively respond to the social world around them. Using holiday traditions and the friendship ‘Peer A Mid’, students explored how relationships change over time, location and with maturity levels. Our group shared ideas

Independent Mountaineers – Personal Wellness Goals

Our Independent Mountaineers focused on developing their personal wellness goals in this recent module. Specifically, students were working towards building the functional skill of scheduling and managing appointments with health care providers. We discussed the impact of the transition to adult care and why taking ownership of your healthcare, private medical information and disclosing health

Agents for Change – Self Awareness Month

During the October module in the Agents for Change program, our focus has been on self awareness. Through reflective learning, students explored individual strengths, personal challenges and core values that make each of us unique. We discussed why maintaining good character and a growth mindset helps us to become more confident, resilient and stronger individuals,