Fee Structure

Independent Mountaineers & Agents for Change

Please be advised that Independent Mountaineers, (AM programming) and Agents for Change, (PM programming) are sold together as a full day program. As our programming year is structured into two semesters, September to January, and February to June, we offer families the payment options stated below. For both payment options, monthly receipts are available to families who submit to the Passport Funds monthly reimbursement program.

Routine Marines

The fee structure below applies to the Routine Marines Program, (full days), that follows the same semester dates as stated above. 

Full Semesters Up Front

There will be 2 payments of $4,250.00 for a total of $8,500.00, with the first payment being due on August 15th and second payment due on January 15th .

Monthly Payments

There is an additional 2% fee to assist with our accounting & administrative costs, and there will be 10 payments of $867.00 for a total of $8,670.00, with each payment due by the 15th of the month beginning August 15th and ending May 15th.

Kindly advise us one month in advance if your family member plans to exit the program as there will be someone waiting to take the seat.

Please check with the Director regarding pricing for other programs.