Our Independent Mountaineers focused on developing their personal wellness goals in this recent module. Specifically, students were working towards building the functional skill of scheduling and managing appointments with health care providers. We discussed the impact of the transition to adult care and why taking ownership of your healthcare, private medical information and disclosing health concerns with a practitioner is important to well being and long-term good health. Over the past few weeks, students created a My Health Passport profile, practiced scripts in role play scenarios and used personal devices to manage appointments. Students demonstrated they were able to research, gather data, create an electronic file, schedule an appointment, use a cell phone calendar and created scripts for disclosing a health related concern using clear, specific language to a facilitator.

We encourage all caregivers to give your adult child opportunities to book upcoming appointments, speak directly with health care providers and be prompted to ask questions when preparing for future visits with health care professionals.

The next module in this series continues with healthy living lessons regarding daily exercise and nutrition.

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