Our Social Navigators, a teen group of Social Quest Seekers have improved their understanding of social expectations and are learning how to positively respond to the social world around them. Using holiday traditions and the friendship ‘Peer A Mid’, students explored how relationships change over time, location and with maturity levels. Our group shared ideas for socializing with peers – from what to talk about, how to hang out with different peer groups and how to further develop friendship skills by creating concrete plans to organize a social outing with a friend. Using effective observation skills, body language and perspective-taking, our social navigators have demonstrated a deeper understanding of the complex relationships they have with friends, acquaintances and family members.

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions on social problem-solving, organizational tools and self regulation strategies in our next module ‘Get Ready, Do and Done’ where students will focus on paying attention to social cues, using executive functioning to get personal tasks completed and utilizing self regulation when problem solving.

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