During weekly Social Navigator meetings, our facilitators have been impressed to see the social and personal growth demonstrated by the teen participants. We are seeing friendships forming, the Aha moments happen and social thinking questions firing! This group is inquisitive, open-minded, and willing to practice the skills we are learning in the group sessions. Participants have focused on problem solving with friends, family members and even the enemy (bullies and jerks). We are using the Social Thinking™ strategy of measuring the size of the problem and how big our emotional reactions are. Students are given scenarios to solve, then we discuss how to think and react to these problems and emotional triggers using a helpful visual tool that deepens understanding. The Social Fortune/Social Fate graphic novel continues to be a hit for grasping social thinking™ concepts. In one example, we studied the chain reaction of thoughts, feelings, and actions, and how this affect others and in turn, how we feel about ourselves. Ask your teen if they have had any social fortunes or fates in their day – listen to their stories, talk about their emotions, and examine different ways of solving the social problems they encounter. Following up at home will strengthen their coping skills, expand their emotional vocabulary, and support confidence in social problem solving.

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